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Welcome to the worlds #1 easy cooking food recipes source!

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We have over 5000 recipes in our TeluguDB.com/Recipes collection! So find your favorite recipe and learn how to cook step by step and give surprise to your loved ones or family members.

How to Cook Recipes

Learn the cooking secrets and basics on how to cook recipes.

How to Cook Rice
Before cooking of any variety of rice recipe, you must know the procedure on how to cook rice first. Without cooking rice, how can you make rice recipes ? So lets learn how to cook rice in various cooking methods.

How to Cook Curry
You must know what food ingredients are needed to make curry. There is a simple procedure for preparing any type of curry, so if you know this fundamental curry recipe procedure, you can able to make any curry recipe for any vegetables of your choice.

How to Cook Pickle
Making of pickle recipe is damn easy! discover the cooking secrets on how to cook all varieties of pickle recipes without any one help. All you have to do is just follow these simple recipe preparation procedure and make your favorite pickle recipes.

Easy Cooking Food Recipes

TeluguDB listed food recipes are easy to cook yourself without any prior knowledge on how to cook recipes. For your conveniance, we have listed each recipe with simple steps. If you could have followed the recipe prepartion procedure step by step, we are sure that you can cook any food recipe very easily. Who doesn't want to eat tasty cooking recipes, If you have an interest in cooking recipes, then cooking of any food recipe is not a matter at all. All you need is interest on how to cook recipes.

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