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What are important in Andhra Recipes

In Andhra Pradesh, most commonly telugu people are used to eat rice with curry or chutney or pickle or fry. So before knowing about andhra recipes, first you need to know how to cook rice and how to make curry or chutney or pickle or fry.
Even poeple living in Andhra Pradesh are used to make different rice recipes for their daily menu. During festival time, people used to make different sweets and snacks recipes.

Why Andhra Recipes are Special

Andhra Recipes are special when you compare with other South Indian recipes or Indian recipes, as Andhra Recipes are very special in cooking of many varieties of food recipes with number of different tastes and spicy.
No one recipes are compete with andhra recipes, as every one knows very well that if someone got a taste of spicy Avakaya Pachadi or Chintapandu Pulihora or Payasam, which has a special place in andhra foods. Then they don't get this kind of taste in any food recipes in the world.