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Cooking Tips

Here are some of the general cooking tips and hits on while cooking. If you could follow these cooking tips then you will be not only cook good food recipes, but also helps to make delicious food recipes.
These cooking tips also gives you very valuable knowledge on how to preserve food articles and how to keep food items for a long peroid without any wastage, even you can also learn how keep clean and healthy environment of kitchen.

General Cooking Tips and Hints

  • Cut in half onions and soak in water for sometime before cutting to avoid tears. Another way is, put onions in fridge before cutting to avoid crying.
  • If you maintain bright green color while cooking any green leafy vegetable recipe, you can add pinch of sugar.
  • Cut the onions and let stay one day after frying onions to reduce the cooking time and consumes the less oil. Another way is put some salt in onion pieces and fry them to fry onion fast.
  • To make samosas crispy you can add some corn flour and hot oil in maida.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of hot oil and milk in dough of chapatti. Leave the dough for one hour before making chapatti after to get soft and tasty chapattis.
  • Mix some milk, two tablespoons rava (sooji) and rice powder in (wheat flour) puri dough. Leave it for one hour before making puri. Puri will get crispy.
  • Put lemon in hot water for some time. Cut the lemon and squeezing to get lemon juice more.
  • Lemon juice add in beetroot recipe will make a bright red color.
  • High salt in your recipe, you can add some curd in recipe.
  • Wrap fruits and vegetables in newspaper after to keep them in fridge for fresh long time.
  • Apply cooking oil on the inner side of the jar. Put pickles and jam in that jar. It will help for free fungus.
  • Boil cabbage or cauliflower in water. In that water you can add little milk to give more taste.
  • Add tablespoon of rice powder and corn flour in besan batter while frying of pakoras it gives more taste.
  • Add crushed garlic in besan batter it increase taste and easy digest.
  • Add one tablespoon of tomato puree after boiling rasam or sambhar it gives good flavour. Another tip is add tablespoon of milk after cooking rasam or sambhar.
  • Apply tooth paste on gold jewelry and rub (slowly) with brush after wash with lukewarm watr. This is instant way for looking new and shinning jewelry.
  • Add one cup of poha (atukulu) in idli batter for extra soft idlis.
  • Add half lemon to half kg of rice while cooking rice items. Do not stick to each other and stay separate rice.
  • Drink guava shake made with slim milk only before going to bed regularly. It is very good remedy for reduce your body wastage and clears the constipation.
  • Take half teaspoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds with water in empty stomach (morning) for reducing body heat.
  • Add little sugar in gravy food item will good taste.
  • Excess salt in food item in that add teaspoon of raw potato slices. Remove potatoes after some time from food item. Potatoes will absorb the excess salt. Wheat bolls also absorb the salt in food item.
  • Put curry leaves in air tight box and add some fenugreek seeds.
  • In tooth paste add lemon juice with baking soda and brush your teeth weekly once for 3 minutes. You will get whiter teeth.
  • Make a paste of little coconut oil with Vaseline. Apply this paste to your feet after 7 days will get soft feet.
  • Put few neem leaves in rice bags and dals boxes. Never come inside in insects and stay fresh for long period of time.
  • Put a small piece of tamarind in oil for deep frying. It will not spill and safe for deep frying.
  • Hands get oily after cooking and wash hand with any flour. Flour removes the oily on your skin.
  • Add cooking soda and some ghee in gulabjamoon dough for soft gulabjamoon.
  • First soak dish in hot water for some time. Wash dishes with soap after rub lemon peel with dishes to avoid bad smell of kitchen dishes.
  • Put on green chilli while making curd for thick curd.
  • Apply egg white on tanned area regularly and let it dry wash with cold water.
  • Apply ghee to the edge of the bowl. Milk will not spill.
  • For healthy hair, add fenugreek seeds powder in henna paste. Apply to your hair and leave it for 1 hour after wash with water. It reduces the body heat also.
  • For quick dry of nail polish on your nails, after applying nail polish soak your nails in cold water.
  • After boiling the egg add some salt in that water. Leave it for 5 minutes after egg cover will get easily.
  • To remove black stains in cooker and vessels, boil small piece of lemon in half cup of water for 5 minutes after wash them.
  • Apple skin turns the brown color after cutting. Apply lemon juice on apples slices. This tip will help to avoid browning of apples after cutting and apples look fresh for long time.
  • Remove the stems of green chilies will help them to stay longer time.

Cooking Tips and Tricks for All

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