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Indian Snacks Recipes

Latest Indian Snacks Recipes

Indian Masala Peanuts  Recipe
Masala Peanuts
Indian Macaroni Cake  Recipe
Macaroni Cake
Indian Baking Powder Biscuits Recipe
Baking Powder Biscuits
Indian Sweet Shankarpali Recipe
Sweet Shankarpali

Complete List of Indian Snacks Recipes

Masala Peanuts  RecipeMasala Peanuts Recipe
This is a recipe where hot and spicy peanuts are fried with delicious mix of spices, which is perfectly impossible to resist. Masala Peanuts is a very easy snack to make and that too with simple ingredients on hand. Share and Recommend spicy Masala peanut recipes.
Macaroni Cake  RecipeMacaroni Cake Recipe
Macaroni Cake Recipes from top sites and cookbooks on Taste Book, the most full recipe It is a healthy, homemade version of the one-skillet family favorite.
Baking Powder Biscuits RecipeBaking Powder Biscuits Recipe
Baking powder biscuits are a great addition to any breakfast or dinner menu. This is a classic, flexible recipe. Traditional baking powder biscuits are enriching here with graham flour for added fiber and flavor.
Sweet Shankarpali RecipeSweet Shankarpali Recipe
It is a sweet snack fried to crisp is an excellent tea time snack. Shankarpali is crispy, crunch (Indian Sweet) Recipe, This dish is very famous in Maharashtra and made on the festival of Diwali as also other festivals.
Pumpkin Bread RecipePumpkin Bread Recipe
A tasty and simple to make this recipe for moist and fragrant pumpkin bread that's infused with homemade pumpkin pie spice. This bread improves with age, so plan to make it a day ahead if possible.
Puffed Rice Mixture RecipePuffed Rice Mixture Recipe
This is the most common road side bandi wala's (Street side seller) snack, popularly known as Pidata Kinda Pappu (Andhra). Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Puffed Rice Mixture. Learn how to prepare Puffed Rice Mixture in south indian style.
Stuffed French Rolls RecipeStuffed French Rolls Recipe
Stuffed French Rolls make a perfect tea time snack. With a knife, take centers out of French rolls and stuff with salami mixture. Use any kind of bread or rolls your family likes to assemble the sandwiches.
Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil RecipeBruschetta with Tomato and Basil Recipe
Bruschetta with tomato and basil is very simple to make for a quick snack or a light meal. Bruschetta with Tomatoes & Basil. Christmas is over and now we are all gearing up for the New Year.
Tandoori Roti RecipeTandoori Roti Recipe
Tandoori roti is made with whole-wheat flour and traditionally cooked in a clay oven or tandoor. Tandoors made in India for Restaurants and Catering. Learn how to prepare Tandoori Roti by following this easy recipe.
Papad Rolls  RecipePapad Rolls Recipe
Papad roll is a spicy, light and easy to make recipe with papad. Papad roll is simply irritable as a crispy fried snack. Learn how to prepare papad roll recipe.
Spicy Cashews RecipeSpicy Cashews Recipe
Spicy cashews are great as a holiday party snack or simply to munch on anytime. It will use as a snack when friends drop by or use to garnish a salad or curried dish.
Cold Coffee  RecipeCold Coffee Recipe
Cold Coffee is cool refreshing recipe for summers. Cold coffee with ice cream with softened ice cream blended with cold coffee is a favorite recipe. Share and recommend Cold Coffee recipes.
Corn Cheese Balls  RecipeCorn Cheese Balls Recipe
Corn cheese balls are a very tasty recipe. It is a special dish for Indians. Corn cheese bolls good tastes with tomato sauce. Get ready to learn how to prepare corn cheese balls with simple ingredients.
Spinach Fritters RecipeSpinach Fritters Recipe
Spinach Fritters is a healthy and nutritious Indian snack recipe. Prepare Spinach Fritters by following this easy recipe. Share and recommend Spinach Fritters recipes.
Corn Kebabs  RecipeCorn Kebabs Recipe
Corn Kebabs is a variation to the regular kebab recipes. Corn kebab is very easy to make with simple ingredients. Get ready to learn this easy to make Corn kebab recipe at home.
Gobi Manchurian RecipeGobi Manchurian Recipe
Gobi Manchurian is an ever popular is Indian Chinese dishes. Learn how to make Gobi Manchurian recipes at home. Make Gobi Manchurian is simple Ingredients and easy method.
Cabbage Bullets  RecipeCabbage Bullets Recipe
Cabbage bullets are easy to make snake recipe item. Cabbage bullets results in Yummy and Healthy Snack. Get ready to learn more different cabbage recipes in our cabbage verity recipes.
Variety Rajasthani Puri Chaat RecipeVariety Rajasthani Puri Chaat Recipe
This is a variety Rajasthani puri chaat recipe, which will be made with the help of different kind of vegetables and all. This is very good recipe in health point of view. Lets learn how to make Rajasthani Puri Chaat Recipe now.

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